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Resistance Soldering American Beauty Resistance Soldering Resistance Soldering American Beauty Resistance Soldering
Resistance Soldering American Beauty Resistance Soldering
Resistance Soldering American Beauty Resistance Soldering

Resistance Soldering
When it comes to Resistance Soldering, no other company in the
world combines the depth of knowledge with the breadth of product offerings
as American Beauty®.
American Beauty offer the widest selection of handpieces, electrodes and power units and back our equipment with the industry’s best warranty.
Together with American Beauty, we work hand-in-hand with customers to help them realise the benefits of resistance soldering.

Smash Operational Bottlenecks

Concentrated heat reduces solder time many times over.
Improve Solder Joint Quality
Poor solder joints are often the result of insufficient heat
throughout the joint, creating weak spots.
Eliminate Thermal Damage
Traditional soldering methods introduce too much heat into surrounding areas
damaging critical components or desoldering of previously soldered joints.
Reduce Liability
Light-weight handpieces cool within seconds greatly reducing likelihood of
repetitive strain injury and virtually eliminating the burn risk for the user.
Solder in Tight Spots
Versatile systems allow easy access to restricted areas.
Cut down on Energy Consumption
Instant heat means you’re not paying to heat a soldering station all day long.
Save on Maintenance and Consumables
Electrodes last twice as long as soldering tips and don’t require
constant rewetting.

Resistance Soldering Systems
Resistance Soldering Systems
American Beauty Power Units
Power Units

American Beauty Resistance Soldering Hand Pieces
Hand Pieces

American Beauty Resistance Soldering Accessories


American Beauty Resistance Roldering Replacement Parts
Replacement Electrodes


American Beauty

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