10507 – American Beauty Standard Plier Resistance Soldering System 1,100W

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American Beauty Standard Plier Resistance Soldering System 250W 220V

The American Beauty Resistance soldering range offers the most advanced and complete line of resistance soldering systems available anywhere in the world.
Here are just a few of the advantages that you will find with resistance soldering systems:

Increase Productivity – Concentrated heat reduces solder time many times over
Improve Solder Joint Quality – Poor solder joints are often the result of insufficient heat throughout the joint,creating weak spots.
Eliminate Thermal Damage – Traditional soldering methods introduce too much heat into surrounding areas damaging critical components or desoldering of previously soldered joints.
Solder in Tight Spots – Versatile systems allow easy access to restricted areas.
Cut down on Energy Consumption – Instant heat means you’re not paying to heat a soldering station all day long.
Save on Maintenance and Consumables – Electrodes last twice as long as soldering tips and don’t require constant rewetting.

Common Applications:

  • Copper Tubing.
  • Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable.
  • Microwave Cable Connections and Terminal Attachments all up to 1/2″ (12.7mm).
  • Larger Military Connectors.
  • Motor Stators and Electrical Motor Rebuilders.
  • Ideal for Tinel? Rings up to 5/8″
  • Soldering wire terminations 1/0 AWG and finer
  • Soldering flexible stainless steel conduit assemblies
  • Soldering a large audio connector to 8 AWG HS wire
  • Soldering cable assemblies in production-line environment
  • Soldering RG401 RF Cable
  • Soldering of RF elements
  • Soldering sculptural build/ tool making
  • Repairing copper capillary tubes
  • Repairing electronics for Dept. of Defense


System Comprises of:


  • 1,100W (5.8VAC) Power Unit with 23 Unique Power Settings, Lighted Rocker, 10 AMP Circuit Protection & Heavy-duty steel case.
  • Pre-wired with UK Spec mains cord set.
  • Durable, User-friendly Handpiece with four foot (1.22m) 10 AWG high-strand DLO cable.
  • Two carbon block electrodes provide more intense heat.
  • Hardwired Footswitch.
  • Weight: 11.34 kg.
  • Also Available in 110V with UK Spec yellow plug

Replacement Parts:

Weight 12 kg


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