RX7590 – Lindstrom RX Series Round Nose Pliers

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Lindstrom RX Series Round Nose Pliers

Pliers replicate the function of the human hand, with greatly increased capability, in particular the thumb and index finger, in terms of force and precision.

Finely finished, light weight and rounded shape makes it easy to rotate to find the correct working angle.
Cushioned, high-friction surface. Always comfortable and steady in your hand.
Easy to adjust, three-position return spring provides different resistance and grip widths.
ESD Safe

Lindstrom Round nose Rx7590 pliers taper gently towards the tips and provide the capability to form a wide range of loop and bend sizes.


  • Numerically controlled machine grinding guarantees accuracy and contact, increasing the tolls reliability and consistency.
  • The edges of these round nose pliers are tough and hardened to 42-46 HRC.
  • They are made of high performance alloy steel with a screw joint that minimises friction and maximises jaw alignment.
  • The Lindstrom RX7590 round nose pliers have ESD safe handles in a two-component synthetic material.
  • Micro-Touch handles make it possible to control and rotate the RX7590 between thumb and finger for precision work.
  • The RX7590 pliers have?a biospring that limits the tension throughout the working cycle of the tool and can be adjusted in three different positions or removed.
  • These are round nose, fine jaw pliers with no sharp edges.


  • Overall Length: 146.5mm
  • Rockwell Hardness: 42-46 HRC
  • Type of Plier: Round – Smooth
  • Weight: 69g

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