Spirig 3S Wick Size AB Desolder Braid Green 2.2mm

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3s – AB – Green
Spirig 3SWick – Size AB – Green 2.2mm

3S-Wick patented vacuumization technology is preferred by leading organizations worldwide.
Vacuumization yields a high-speed response wick for quickest and safest de-soldering.
3S-Wick flux is based on mildest non-corrosive, non-hygroscopic, non-conductive rosins of ‘no-clean’ quality.
3S-Wick is used and has been used for the most demanding desoldering operations
in spacecraft and military electronics.
The minimal residues left on the soldered area do also act as a solderability conservation for that area,
should the resoldering not be done immediately there.


Size Identification colour Width approx. Spool lengths Application Recommended minimum iron wattage *
’00 White 0.03in
1.5m Very fine solder joints Starting at 20 Watt
AA Yellow 0.06in
1.5m Fine solder joints Starting at 30 Watt
AB Green 0.08in
1.5m Medium solder joints Starting at 50 Watt
BB Blue 0.10in
1.5m Large solder joints Starting at 80 Watt


  • Wick Size: Size AB – 2.2mm
  • Spool Length: 1.5metre
Weight 0.05 kg


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