WX 1010-UK – Weller Soldering Station 220V 200W

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WX 1010-UK
Weller Soldering Station 220V 200Watt, 1 Channel

High flex?i?bil?ity for ver?sa?tile ap?pli?ca?tions – WXT Line
With Wellers WX Line com?pact, user-friendly suite of sol?der?ing and re?work prod?ucts are perfect for your production needs.

Traceability by Weller
The de?mand for re?trace?able process re?li?a?bil?ity (trace?abil?ity) is in?creas?ing in spe?cific branches of in?dus?try, such as the elec?tron?ics sec?tor or au?to?mo?tive sec?tor.
Fin?ished prod?ucts need to be re?trace?able and iden?ti?fi?able at all stages through?out the sup?ply chain, right down to the in?di?vid?ual com?po?nent.
In this way, it is pos?si?ble to quickly iso?late sources of error and de?fects in the final prod?uct and start se?lec?tive re?call cam?paigns.
Trace?abil?ity op?ti?mises processes within the com?pany and re?duces cost.


  • Weller Power Unit WX 1 with WXP 120 Soldering Iron 120Watt
  • Traceability by Weller qualified
  • Many Possibilities – Hundreds of possible iron/tip combinations per WX station
  • Front mounted power swith
  • Multifunction LCD Display
  • Simple menu buttons
  • ESD Safe
  • Complete with WXP 120 Soldering iron and dual function stand.



  • Wattage: Max 200W (Depending on tool used)
  • Soldering Iron included: WXSP 120 – 120 watt, 100?C – 450?C
  • Temperature Range: 100?C – 450?C
  • Temperature Accuracey: ? 9?C
  • Channels: 1
  • Voltage: 230V Mains Plug
  • Dimonesions L x W x H (mm): 170 x 151 x 130
  • Unit Weight: 3.2Kg

Compatible Irons:

  • WXMP MS Set – Micro soldering iron WXMP MS with safety rest
  • WXP80 Set – Soldering iron 80 W, 24 V with Silver-Line Heating Technology
  • WXP90 Set – Hybrid soldering iron WXP 90 with safety rest
  • WXP120 Set – Soldering iron Set WXP 120 with safety rest
  • WXP 200 Set – Soldering iron WXP 200 with safety rest
  • Many more soldering irons and accessories available, please check the item photos and contact us for details.

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