46C American Beauty Soldering Iron Tip 46C

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American Beauty Soldering Iron Tip 46C – Chisel

American Beauty – Paragon Soldering Tip.
Every American Beauty Paragon soldering tip starts with a solid core of Tellurium Copper.
This alloy combines the characteristics of High Thermal Conductivity with Corrosion Resistance required for effective soldering.

All tips undergo multiple processes that include:

  • Iron Cladding,
  • Nickel plating,
  • Chrome coating
  • Pre-tinning.The end result is a tip that provides optimal performance over a long life span.


  • Tip Configuration: Chisel
  • Tip Diameter: 1.25 in / 3.18 cm
  • Tip Length: 5.87 in / 14.91 cm
  • Width of Working Area: 1.15 in / 2.92 cm
  • Thickness of Working Area: 0.145 in / 0.37 cm


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