9180NS – Xuron Kevlar / Fibre Cutter – Non Serrated

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Xuron Kevlar / Fibre Cutter – Non Serrated

The Xuron 9180 is designed and manufactured specifically for cutting the Kevlar? fibre strength component of fibre optic cables and other high strength fibers.
These materials, though enjoyed by consumers for their abrasion resistance and stretch-free nature, will ruin the cutting edges of a wire cutter or traditional scissors quickly.

Designed for cutting applications where serrations are not necessary or not desired
Cutting edges are heat treated to a hard 58-60 RC.

Terrific for cutting soft sheet metals up to 0.031″ (0.8mm) and jump rings leaving a flat end on both sides of the ring.
Also appropriate for cutting non-ferrous sheet metals up to 20 ga. (.8 mm) and soft wire up to 16 ga (1.3 mm)

A superior tool offering both precision cutting and exceptional tool life.

Handles are free of confining finger loops and return spring brings tool back to an open position after each cut

Cushioned Xuro-Rubber? grips and return spring provide both comfort and convenience.


  • Overall Length: 5.76 inches (145 mm)
  • Cutting Capacity: Kevlar Fibre / thin sheet metals
  • Rockwell Hardness: 58-60 Rc
  • Type of Cut: Scissor
  • Weight: 76g
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