CD-1CH – Simonds Cutting Jaws 45°



Simonds Cutting Jaws 45°

These jaws are for cutting wires flush or semi-flush.
All jaws are secured in the housing by a shouldered pivot-screw with recessed hex head and can be reversed to facilitate right or left handed use.
As with all Simonds jaw sets, they may be factory re-sharpened for extended life and lower production costs.

Compatible Power Packs:


  • Max. Soft Wire: 0.06″ (1.5mm)
  • Semi-Flush Cut: 0.07″ (0.18mm)
  • Angle: 45?
  • Length of Cut: 0.43″ (11mm)
  • Max. Tip Opening: 0.20″ (5mm)


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