UC-90 – Simonds Complete Crimping Tool

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Simonds Complete Crimping Tool

Simond?s UC-90 is a complete assembly ready and on the shelf for you.
Simply select from the jaws below that correspond to the job you need done and you?ve got everything you need to be up and running in no time.

Air Crimping of Cable ends

See how easy it is to install connectors with a Simonds air-powered tool.
Our pneumatic crimpers are the industry-leaders in durability, uptime and ergonomics.

The UC-90 is Simonds complete offering featuring:

  • Pneumatic power pack (SP-004F)

  • UC-9 universal crimp jaw with housing

  • Fully adjustable bench stand

  • Foot switch

Replacement Jaws are ordered seperately from housing, or custom jaws can be made to order. Email sales for more info

Crimping Jaws Available:


Type Of Cable


UC-50-1Simonds Crimp Jaws UC-50-1

RRG-59, RG-6 and 8281 50 and 75 OHM cables. Hex
0.324″ (8.23mm)
0.255″ (6.48mm)
0.068″ (1.73mm)
0.042″ (1.07mm)


SImonds Crimp Jaws UC-50-2

RG-58, RG-59/62, BNC/TNC Coax Connectors Hex
0.255″ (6.48mm)
0.213″ (5.41mm)
0.068″ (1.73mm)


Simonds Crimp Jaws UC-50-3

RG-58, RG-174 and RG-8218 for both 50 and 75 OHM cables Hex
0.213″ (5.41mm)
0.178″ (4.52mm)
0.068″ (1.73mm)
0.042″ (1.07mm)


Simonds Crimp inserts UC-50-4

N-Series and RG-8/11 Connectors. Hex
0.429″ (10.9mm)
0.100″ (2.54mm)
0.080″ (2.03mm)


Simonds Crim Insert UC-50-5

Plenum and Non-Plenum Thin Wire Cables. RG-58 and 59 Hex
0.213″ (5.41mm)
0.190″ (4.83mm)
0.068″ (1.73mm)
0.042″ (1.07mm)


Simonds Crim Insert UC-50-6

22-8 AWG (.3mm2 -8mm2) Non-insulated Terminals


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-90-7

Type CATV GR-59, RG-6 Hex
0.350″ (8.89mm)
0.320″ (8.13mm)
0.255″ (6.48mm)


Simonds Crim Insert UC-50-8

22-10 AWG (0.324mm2 – 5.261 mm2) Insulated Terminals/color coded nests


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-50-9

22-10 AWG (0.324 mm2-5.261mm2) Fully insulated quick disconnect terminals with thinner wire barrels


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-50-10

22-12 AWG (0.324 mm2-3.3mm2) Insulated Open Barrel Connectors.
Commercial Type


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-50-12

Universal RJ-11 Die for 2, 4, and 6 position modular plugs


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-50-13

RJ-45 Die for 8 position die set for keyed & non-keyed modular plugs (excluding AMP)


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-50-14

RG/58, RG-59/62 BNC/TNC Coax Connector Hex
0.256″ (6.502mm)
0.213″ (5.41mm)
0.068″ (1.72mm)


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-50-17

AWG 22-10/18-16/14-12/10-6
DIN (0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5/4/6/10/16mm?)
Pin Terminal Non-insulated.


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-50-18

AWG 20-18/16-14/12-10/8 (0.5-1/1.5-2.5/6-6mm?) Insulated Open Barrel


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-50-19

AWG 20-18/16-14/12-10/8
DIN 1.5/2.5/6/10mm?
JIS 1.25/2.05.5/6/10mm?
Pin Terminal Non-insulated.


Simonds Crimp Insert UC-50-20

AWG 22-18 / 16-14
DIN 0.5/1.5-2.5mm?
Insulated Flag Terminal
Weight 3 kg


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