V3700-220-D – American Beauty Voltage Control Unit 220V

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American Beauty Voltage Control Unit 220V for Heavy Duty Irons & Solder Pots

American Beauty Soldering irons are full output irons designed and built to produce a tremendous amount of heat.
Incorporating a voltage controller into your soldering process prolongs the life of your soldering irons’ heating element and tip, reduces the thermal damage caused by excess heat buildup and saves energy and down-time by idling your iron at breaks.
This voltage controller is intended to use with almost our entire line of heavy-duty soldering irons, ranging from 100 to 300 Watts, Models 3138 to 3178 as listed below.
In addition, it can be used with our smaller industrial solder pot, Model 300, to provide tighter control of temperature variation.


Features / Benefits:

  • Solid-state voltage regulating device incorporated in each controller permits tighter process control, longer heating element life and a reduction in damage resulting from excess thermal capacity.
  • Improved Solder Joint Quality: The ideal operating temperature of your soldering iron or pot should be comfortably over the eutectic point of your solder. Excess heat simply causes damage.
  • Longer heating element life: With more controlled temperatures, soldering iron tips can be used at lower settings increasing heating element life
  • Tighter Process Control: Our internal tests have shown that by incorporating a voltage control with our Model 600 solder pot, we were able to achieve a temperature fluctuation of less than +/- 5?.


To use this voltage controller with American Beauty soldering irons, the solderig irons must be fitted with a U.S NEMA 5-15 type plug to plug into the voltage control unit. The Unit has a UK 3 pin plug for our mains outlets.
If ordering the voltage control unit together with a soldering iron or irons, please let us know if you would like us to fit the U.S NEMA 5-15 plug to the soldering iron or if you would like the plug to be incuded seperatley.


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