W 201-UK – Weller Soldering Iron 220V 200 Watt

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W 201-UK
Weller Magnastat Soldering Iron 220V 200 watt

The temperature-controlled WELLER W-series soldering irons are suitable for a broad range of demanding soldering applications on electrical components with extremely high heat sensitivity and are therefore ideal for use in industrial production and for maintenance work on electrical appliances.

The industrial soldering irons of the W series have a solidly constructed heating element and a wide selection of ?Longlife? soldering tips. The various power classes 60 W, 100 W, and 200 W provide the solution to a multitude of different soldering tasks.

Temperature is controlled according to the WELLER Magnastat principle.

The Weller Magnastat system operates through a ferro-magnetic sensing device which changes its characteristics when specific temeratures are reached. This causes it to either attract or repel a permanent magnet which operates a power supply switch. In this way power to the heating element can be quickly switched on or off to either provide extra power for soldering operations or reduce power when idling.

The temperature sensors (Magnastats) have an extremely narrow distribution of switching temperatures and are not subject to any wear resulting from ageing or material fatigue.

Complete with soldering tip CT2 E7 and safety rest


  • Weller Magnastat Technology
  • Wattage: 200W
  • Standard Tip: CT2 F7 – Chisel Tip 10mm
  • Standard Tip Temperature: 370?C

Replacement Tips:

  • CT2 E7 – Chisel Tip 7mm – 370?C
  • CT2 E8 – Chisel Tip 7mm – 425?C
  • CT2 F7 – Chisel Tip 10mm – 370?C
  • CT2 F8 – Chisel Tip 10mm – 425?C
  • CT2 G8 – Chisel Tip 11mm – 425?C
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