CM-3 – Simonds Wire Crimping Jaws & Housing

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Simonds Wire Crimping Jaws & Housing

The Simonds CM-3 secures solder-less terminals to solid or stranded, bare or insulated wire to meet most requirements of several MIL Specs.

Featuring a durable CNC?d aluminium housing with hardened tool steel jaws.
Optional inserts handle 22-8 AWG wire.
Most crimping performed with ?F? style power packs.

Choose the Power Pack that?s right for the job.
Inlet air pressure of 80psi will develop approximately the crimping forces shown below using the corresponding power pack:

Power Pack SP-002 SP-003 SP-004
Force lbs. 1800 2000 2400
Force kgs. 815 910 1090


Replacement Jaws can be ordered seperately from housing, or custom jaws can be made to order. Email sales for more info

Compatible Power Packs:

Crimping Jaws Available:


Type Of Cable


Simonds Crimp Insert CMX-99

22-14 AWG (0.324 mm2 – 2.08mm2) For terminal bare wire

Simonds Crimp Insert CM3-2

16-12 AWG (1.309 mm2 – 3.3mm2)

Simonds Crimp Insert CM3-3

16-8 AWG (1.309 mm2 – 8.366mm2)

Simonds Crimp Insert CM3-4

Wire Cap – For insulated wire 22-14 AWG (0.324 mm2 – 2.08mm2)


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