PTX-1096 – Simonds Band Tyle Clamp Tool

£1,399.99 Excl.VAT

Simonds Band Style Clamp Tool

Simonds standard line of tools made to the specific need of your production line. Automotive hinge pin tools, Oteker? clamp tools, and harness crimping tools are only a small example of special tools designed and manufactured to solve an opportunity on the production line

Simond?s hose clamp tools handle a wide range (1/4? to up to 3? depending on tabs) allowing quick repetitive work installing hose clamps common in the automotive, RV, appliance, marine and HVAC industries.
These tools are small and lightweight offering maximum maneuverability alongside Simonds legendary quality and consistency allowing your workers to be more productive, with less downtime and less fear of repetitive injury.

Accepts Clamps 1/4? to 3? (Depending on tabs) you require

For Complete prices on the tool you require please contact us as these tools are assebled to the specification that you require.

Contact Sales on:
Tel: 01462 620685
Email: [email protected]

Weight 1.3 kg


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